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Kabul, Afghanistan
National Center for Policy Research (NCPR)
Job Description:

The Administrator shall have the responsibilities and perform the duties as listed hereafter:

General Administration

  • Ensure the building and offices of the NCPR are maintained in an appropriate manner to facilitate the operation of the center and the work of its staff.
  • Effect procurement of general office supplies, furniture, fixtures and equipment in accordance with rules approved by the Director.
  • Maintain an inventory of all property of the NCPR including furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Contract external supplies and services including utilities such as water, electricity, communication in accordance with the requirements of the center and keeping proper records thereof.
  • Maintain all other relevant records, files and other documents related to the operation of the center in a safe manner and provide access to such records, files and documents as may be necessary for the performance of duties by other staff and the general operation of center.
  • Formulate rules for the usage of common facilities and equipment and, after approval by the director, ensure adherence to such rules by all staff.
  • Ensure that any internal regulations, office manuals, circular letters or similar documents are brought to the attention of all staff at the center
  • Ensure administrative and personnel activities including records, procedures and filing systems to be maintained in accordance with NCPR’s rules and regulations.
  • Managing budgets breakdown for projects and ensuring financial systems are followed.
  • Liaise with other administrative staff of other research centers, academic colleagues and students; in order to have required information of such centers for cooperation in the projects and other researches done on the required time. 
  • Develops, prepares, and arranges for the distribution of complete procedures manuals covering new programs; assures that new procedures are coordinated with other departments; arranges for necessary forms to be developed; confers and works closely with head of departments.
  • Ensuring the NCPR’s website gets update instantly.

Financial Administration

  • Receive and check expenditure bills/payment requests for accuracy.
  • Classify and process expenditure bills/receipts in the related books of accounts as per the established accounting system, and keep records of all funds handled by the NCPR.
  • Receive and disburse of funds on behalf of NCPR in accordance with established procedures.
  • Prepare and report monthly, or when required, an up-to-date financial statement with regard to general expenditure and any project of the NCPR whether funded internally or externally in compliance with internal regulations and requirements of external donor agencies.
  • Monitor the financial position of the NCPR and its departments in accordance with budget provisions and report divergence from such budget provisions to the head of the department for appropriate action.
  • Keep all cash and valuables of the NCPR in a safe manner and ensure that appropriate steps are taken to safeguard the property of the center.

Transport Management

  • Ensure the proper maintenance of any vehicles or other means of transport owned and/or operated by the NCPR.
  • Oversee the proper use of the NCPR’s vehicle(s) in accordance with established rules and regulations and bring immediately to the attention of the Director any matter of misuse.
  • Keep a schedule of requests of NCPR staff or external personnel working on contract basis for the NCPR, and allocate transport facilities within available limits on a basis of reasonable judgement.
  • Maintain records of the use of vehicle(s) and the costs of operation.

Operational Functions

  • Provide support services to the operational branches of the NCPR, namely the research departments, by performing administrative and financial tasks in connection with research and other projects.
  • Record and safe keep all contracts the NCPR may enter into with external donors, governmental institutions, other organizations or individuals for projects to be carried out by the NCPR.
  • Record and safe keep all contracts the NCPR may enter into with external consultants, researchers and similar organizations and individuals regarding services to be rendered to the NCPR.
  • File and record related documents and contracts of NCPR, as a services provider or as servicing party.
  • Tracks in service costs, (NCPR as service provider), process incoming funds, keep a track on the bank transfers. (NCPR account)
  • preparing reports of workshops, seminars, training programs etc held at the center
  • Participating in all internal and external meeting (whenever required), divide the minutes up to the participants.

Supervisory Functions

The Administrator acts on behalf of the Director as the immediate supervisor of the following staff:

  • Secretary
  • Driver
  • Support staff (“juniors”)
  • Security personnel

The Administrator may delegate some of his/her functions and duties to these staff notwithstanding his/her over-all responsibility for the performance of functions and duties thus delegated.

Any other Duties

The Administrator may be assigned other duties and functions by the Director as and when required.

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