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​​​​​​ The Afghanistan Spotlight initiative aims at targeting the most at risk groups, to accelerate efforts towards the elimination of mental health and psychosocial problems and harmful practices. Across the six Pillars, the Spotlight initiative in Afghanistan will bring women and girls who have mental health  and psychosocial problems, including those with intersecting forms of discrimination and marginalization, to the centre of the interventions, recognizing that the empowerment of women and girls, and their unique experiences and solutions they bring based on their intersectional identities, is the key to design and implement a programme that responds to the needs and priorities of women and girls of Afghanistan in all their diversity. The Spotlight initiative in Afghanistan will work across the socio-ecological model, using a multi-sectoral and intersectional approach, to prevent and respond to PSS-SGBV/HP and impact lasting change at the national, sub-national, community and individual levels. The initiative will be informed by a comprehensive prevention strategy to addresses structural issues through this socio ecological model. National actions will be connected with efforts at provincial and district level outside the capital (where the vast majority of the population lives) to strengthen the flow of information, expansion and reach of programming and operations as well as the engagement of communities. The functionality and impact of existing coordination mechanisms and institutions working on SGBV/HP will also inform and be informed by provincial and district level programming. In doing so, key coordination and decision-making structures at national level will be informed by the voices and experiences of traditionally marginalized communities   The programme was designed through collaborative process with government & partners, and other key actors. The continued involvement of these partners will be critical throughout implementation. The project is including of two components; 1) GBV Response and preventive services through district level Psychosocial Counselling Centre and outreach teams, 2) Youth component to focus on youth related issues with response and deliver the services to handle the youth issues in the community. The project will cover 12 provinces of Afghanistan including of Kapisa, Parwan,  Kunar,  Laghman, Nangarhar, Khost, Kandahar, Hirat, Ghor, Nimroz, Farah, Paktia and Takhar for both PSS-GBV response and preventive and youth components.   Purpose: The purpose of this position is to assist the program coordinator in efficient and effective implementation and monitoring of the Spotlight initiative project. Responsibilities: Project(s) Planning:

  • Assist the Grants Technical Coordinator in the developing detailed planning for project in the basis original project work plan. Ensure all necessary preparation is done for the project kick off meeting and deliver project kick off presentation. Prepare project monitoring plan both for joint visits and internal monitoring/supervision in the basis of project monitoring requirements. Prepare detailed training plan as outlined in the project agreement. Assist the Program Coordinator in developing project procurement, financial and human resource plans.

Monitoring/Supervision and Data Management

  • Develop detailed checklists/tools for monitoring and supervision of the project in the basis of project logframe and indicators matrix. Monitor project activities and progress on regular basis as required in the project work plan (PWP). Joint monitoring with the involved stakeholder i.e. GBV Dept. /MoPH, UNFPA and provincial departments. Facilitate logistical support to the joint monitoring team members from MoPH and UNFPA. On the job orientation and technical support to the field offices and the service delivery points (FPCs, WFHSs, and Outreach Teams). Develop field visit reports and action plans, and share with Grants Technical Coordinator for timely required support and decisions. Follow up of the remedial action plan to ensure the monitoring findings are timely addressed and required support is provided to field offices. Submit field visit reports to provincial management team within one week of the visit, and follow up on progress of the monitoring findings. Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievements of results and send written feedback to the provincial teams on performance of each site to develop remedial action plan for the deviations if any. Participate in and provide inputs, information for quarterly, semi/annual review workshops, and assist Grants Technical Coordinator in preparation for review workshops. Review, crosscheck data and verify data at different levels and ensure data reported to Kabul office, MoPH and donor is consistent. Maintain GBV Management Information System (GBV MIS) and regular check data the in the GBV MIS for accuracy and consistency. Prepare dashboards and share it with the field offices for further sharing with the FPCs, WFHS and Outreach Teams.

Capacity Building and Training Activities

  • Support the process of Training Needs Assessment and plan trainings to staff in the basis of TNA and budget availability. Follow up on training activities planned in the project work plan and ensure planned trainings are carried out as per agreed plan. Liaise with other departments for required support and successful implementation of the training activities. Evaluate effectiveness of the training carried out and conduct Post Training Follow Up (PTFU), and properly document and record the PTFU. Prepare training reports and submit them to Grants Technical Coordinator. Ensure training database is updated and required information is entered to database. Ensure availability of the proper records and filing system for trainings carried out.

Financial Management

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in monthly, quarterly and annual forecasting for the project, and in developing working budget for the field offices. Assist the Program Coordinator in regular review of Budget Control Reports (BCRs) and monthly turn over. Follow up with field offices and service facilities (FPCs, WFHS and Outreach Teams) on regular provision of the planned supplies and running costs. Ensure the disbursement to field offices is as per original forecast and follow up of salary payments with finance dept. Participate in the budget development meetings.

Human resource management

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in developing HR plan for the project. Prepare Recruitment Instruction Forms (RIF) for vacant positions and submit to HR for job announcement. Develop Job Descriptions for the staff working in FPCs, WFHS and Outreach Teams and submit to Program Coordinator for review and finalization. Ensure all employees have their JDs signed by both the immediate line manager and employee. Participate in interview panel as technical member and assist the Program Coordinator in selection of the potential and competent employee(s). Orient newly hired staff on project scope, objectives, activities and project requirements. Investigate on conflicts between staff and timely resolve in consultation with the Program Coordinator.

Procurement, Supply and Inventory Management

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in procurement of the planned pharmaceuticals and non-medical supplies/equipment. Prepare requisition form for the planned procurement and submit them to procurement department after approval of the Program Coordinator. Follow up on requests submitted to procurement department to ensure timely purchase and consignment of the planned pharmaceuticals and supplies/equipment to project sites. Ensure that assets physical inventory is carried out and inventory register is updated and maintained in project sites and field offices.

Coordination and Representation

  • Participate in coordination meetings with technical department/MoPH and GBV SC as instructed and assigned by the Program Coordinator. Strongly represent the organization in meetings with donor and relevant stakeholders. Collaborate and liaise with the MoPH, relevant ministries on the issues related to the project. Prepare and submit summary notes and decision/discussion points of the meetings attended.

Project Reporting:

  • Assist the Program Coordinator in drafting and finalizing the technical reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, end project and ad-hoc). Collect and compile data and information of the field offices for technical progress reports. Analysis deviation between the set targets Vs achievements in the indicators and provide comprehensive justification on deviations. Risk analysis of the reports and notification to Programs Coordinator for timely mitigation and support.

Filing System:

  • Ensure proper filing system is available and maintained. Make sure the soft and hard copies of the technical documents are kept in an organized manner. Make sure that regular back up is obtained and IT manager is encouraged to store the back up on reliable hard disks


  • Provide support to finance department in providing technical relevant documents for annual audit. With consultation of program coordinator, prepare action plan for audit findings. Follow up of the action plan developed in response of the management letter/audit report.

  Supervisory and Visibility Communication and linkages;

  • Effective and excellent communication with team members and keep an open door for project staff to share their issues & concerns and with consultation of Program coordinator provide technical and management support to field staff. Encourage and inspire team members to follow their path and the way to achieving the project objectives & goal. Ensure greater productivity and efficiency through managing time effectively, spend time on most important tasks, meet the deadlines and produce quality results. Implement organization strategy and policy documents, assign tasks to team members based on their strengths and abilities. Ensure compliance with policies and procedures and project(s) contractual requirements.

Training, development and innovation:

  •  To work closely with his subordinates and to have regular meeting in regard to their capacity needs in the areas of his/her work and work place and explore new ways and technologies, innovative approaches for better performance.

Personal Motivation and Problem solving:

  • Develop good relation with staff in a way to have mutual trust building and interest to identify and provide support in resolving the  personal problem of subordinates 

Job Analysis and review:

  • To have a regular review of the staff performance through different approaches including self-reflection on how  they feel about their performance and create an environment where staff can look at their  performance, share their thoughts with supervisor and take steps to resolve issues and further improve  performance.  

Workplace, Health and Safety: 

  •  Look after workplace health and safety that can increase productivity, employee’s retention and enhance staff morale.

Visibility/Events Management:

  • Support the visibility focal point in developing communication and visibility plan for the project. Provide good quality pictures and brief narrative about services to publish and disseminate in social media.  Develop case studies and success stories from the services provided to target beneficiaries and reflection on services provision from the involved stakeholders. Support M&E team to develop dashboard for the project key indicators and regular monthly updates are displayed.   


HealthNet TPO is a Netherlands based not for profit, non-governmental organization founded on the principle that access to affordable quality health care is a basic human right. HealthNet TPO works with interdisciplinary professionals to develop and implement innovative, culturally appropriate, evidence based public health interventions with a focus on: innovative development of health systems, mental health and  psychosocial care, long and short term training of health workers, control of communicable diseases (including malaria), and health financing schemes. HealthNet TPO offers ground-breaking and unconventional solutions that foster self-reliance and promote sustainable health care that is accessible to all.
HealthNet TPO in Afghanistan aims to improve the health status of the people in Afghanistan by supporting the local communities and the Government of Afghanistan in the development of a sustainable health care system.  HealthNet TPO is working in Afghanistan since 1994, implementing integrated health projects managed mainly by national staff and supported technically by expatriate staff from the headquarter office. HealthNet TPO Afghanistan is providing Primary Health Care, Mental Health and psychosocial services, fighting malaria and supporting Mother & Child Health Care in terms of providing training for Community Midwifes and to conduct operation research. Health Net TPO is currently implementing projects in 22 provinces and the major program it implements are SEHATMANDI Projects in four provinces, Malaria Control program,  nutrition,and Psychosocial program through a community system strengthening approach.

Interested and qualifiedcandidates are requested to send their CVs along with an application letter and apply Via E-mail to
Please ensure to write the number of vacancy and position you are applying for, in the subject line of your E-mail Add.
Incomplete applications or applications received after closing date will not be given consideration. Candidates who are meeting the above criteria will be short listed; 
Country office Address,
HNO:  003, Main St: 005, Sello Road, DehNaw _Dehbori, District 03
Kabul, Afghanistan 

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