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Job Description:

When we hire head of Neonatal and pediatric then we give him/her job description.

About Afshar Hospital:


 Afshar Hospital is a non-profit, non-governmental, with charity organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and medical relief programs. It is a 100-bed general hospital located in Omid Sabz Township-Darulaman established in March 2009 by non-governmental organization AMOR-AHO (Alliance for Medical Outreach and   Relief and Afghan Health Organization), which provide all health services that a well-established and well managed hospital must provide along with health educational programs and village clinic Ante-partum, post-partum and

Neo-natal care.


Job Requirements:

 Nature of Work and Responsibilities:


A. Administrative


• To attend morning meetings, management meetings, committee meetings and other meetings when invited.

• Ensure timely starting and conducting IPD rounds both Paediatrics/ Neonatal patients and ensure that every opportunity to teach is taken.

• Ensure timely starting OPD services and daily confirm the availability of the staff in OPD from 8:00AM to4:00PM.

• To work with the Medical Director to develop protocols for Pediatrics/ Neonatal problems and emergencies and ensure they are followed


• Strictly adhere to all the values, policies, and procedures of Afshar hospital

• Be supportive of administration and lead the duty team in an efficient, flexible, and Professional manner.

• Always be honest in every regard and refuse all bribes.

• Communicate responsibly with the head of the department regarding all issues of concern related to quality patient care and effective employee communication.

• Ensure a good working atmosphere with co-workers and subordinates during duty hours.

• Ensure good coordination and communication with related departments in the hospital


• Including but not limited to Maternity department, lab, radiology and pharmacy.

• Active participation and conducting of academic seminars and presentations leading to the enhanced knowledge of professional staff.

• Arrive on time at the beginning of each shift.

• Remain at Afshar hospital facility site throughout the entire scheduled shift.

• Perform all day, night, weekend and holiday shifts as scheduled.

• Coordinate the monthly education calendar

• Prepare monthly work schedule in a fair and balanced way


B. Clinical


• Ensure that all department staff perform a comprehensive admitting examination for all Pediatric and Neonatal patients admitted to Afshar Hospital via OPD, Urgent care, or Maternity.

• To be responsible for managing the neonatal consultation in Maternity as well as Urgent Care departments and discuss/review all treatment plans or any other intervention needed. He/ She is responsible for managing the neonatal referrals in maternity or ER if required.

• Ensure that all patient charts are completed with accurate documentation of patient’s history, examination findings, lab results and other tests

• Review the investigation and treatment plan of other pediatricians to ensure the highest quality care.

• Ensure that a minimum of two documented patient assessments each shift are completed and  include revision of the treatment plan as clinically indicated.


• Participation in daily patient rounds and leads the supporting clinical staff in their


• Perform all necessary pediatric and neonatal procedures that he/she is qualified


to perform in a time sensitive manner that supports the highest quality of patient care.

• Monitors all Pediatricians to insure that they provide counselling, information, and support to the patient’s attendants/parents regarding the nature of their child’s illness, the procedures performed, and treatment plan in a timely manner.

• All information should be provided in a supportive and compassionate way


and in the language most easily understood by the attendant/parent.

• Ensure that all Pediatricians attend all neonatal deliveries performed at Afshar hospital including vaginal deliveries and C-sections regardless of what department they are performed in.

• Manage the neonatal resuscitation team according to Afshar Hospital policy so that all deliveries that require close monitoring of the newborn are attended on time.

• Ensure that all Pediatricians complete the Newborn Assessment page 1which includes antenatal history, initial vital signs and APGAR scores at the time of delivery. Complete page 2 of the newborn assessment within 4 hours of delivery, preferable at the time of delivery.

• Provide a proper report to the physician coming on for the next assigned shift through.

• Properly manage the referral of all infants so that when they require transfer to an advanced facility, the pediatrician will be responsible for making a proper referral plan, arranging the proper transfer per availability at that facility.

• Manage all pediatricians so that a comprehensive report to the physician at the receiving hospital is always given with good documentation.

• Provide a follow up plan to the patient’s attendant/parent when discharged both verbally and in writing in their language of choice.

• Complete all required summaries and supporting paperwork immediately after discharge and provide for the delivery of these records to medical records.


Special Requirements of the Post:


• Honesty and professionalism in all dealings with patients, their relatives, other hospital staff. Refer to the Afshar Hospital Value Statement.

• Ability to use computer to obtain relevant information, research topics, enter data, write reports etc.

• Have completed a Specialty Fellowship in Pediatrics with Certificate.

• Minimum of five years working as a Specialist in Pediatrics.

• Minimum of two year working in the Neonatal Specialty.

• Served in a supervisory role for two years.


• Able to admit mistakes and work well in a team.

• Good communication skills. Team approach to medical care.

• Good teaching skills and willingness to pass on knowledge.

• Willing to learn from seniors and visiting doctors.

• Flexibility

• Fluency in English, Dari and Pashto advantageous.

Three month probationary contract then permanent contract .

According to Afshar Hospital Policy .

Submission Guideline:

Please send graduated MD, Specialty and Fellowship in Pediatrics certificate.

Work experience certificate attached with your CV, and send it for us.


Note: Without graduation certificate and work, experience certificate will not consider the CV.             


Afshar Hospital, Omid Sabz Township, Darullaman Kabul.

E-Mail: Roqiabarekzai1@gmail.com


Contact Person: Roqia Barekzai HR Director of Afshar Hospital.

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