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  • Ensure quality services provision by MHNT and Planning, supervision and follow up of the MHNT activities regularly.
  • Follow up of the approved implementation plan and provide specific plan for each staff at MHNT level.
  • Provide technical support to the staff through day-to-day supervision of the MHNT supported areas. 
  • Facilitate administrative support to the MHNT staff on the day-to-day management.
  • Ensure the MHNT staffs received training and capacity building to do provide quality services. 
  • Ensure MHNT staff is following the approved technical and operational guidelines for provision of relevant services.
  • Make sure that daily, weekly and monthly record of beneficiaries is in place and filled efficiently.
  • Provide regular comprehensive written constructive feedback to MHNT staff on strong and weak areas.
  • Provide written forwards ways/solutions & recommendation for the improvement of the weak areas as identified during supervision. 
  • Identify the areas where staff need to build their capacity and facilitate capacity building for them.
  • Analyze MHNT activities and proposed solution when needed.
  • Coordinate with the community leaders where the MHNT provide services.


Service Provision:

  • Provide treatment and counselling services on IMNCI to under 5 children.
  • Diagnostic and treatment services should be performed based on the validated guidelines.
  • Conduct history taking and perform physical examination of sick children.
  • Assess the different signs and symptoms for patient diagnosis
  • Prescribe the appropriate medication for the patient.
  • Determine if this is an initial or follow up visit for this problem.
  • Counsel the caretaker and provide them necessary messages especially on usage of medicine.
  • Facilitate the referral for complicated patients with official document for advance treatment to higher health centers. 
  • Record all necessary information in the existing reporting tools.


Supply Management:

  • Prepare & submit the medical, nutritional and non-medical requisitions for MHNT activities to line manager and has a close follow up for the reception.
  • Ensure the daily, weekly and monthly consumption are in line with distribution protocols and track/update the consumptions in the existing tools.
  • Provide/update the monthly consumption of medicine and nutritional supply in the existing pharmacy database and share with line manager.
  • Report any misuse of supplies or any discrepancy immediately to line manager.
  • Manage medical box and medical equipment in coordination with line manager, logistic and security departments.
  • Facilitate logistical support for MHNT supply either in stock or in field. 
  • Ensure PO on the receiving of the needs and reports on MHNT supplies.


Team management:

  • Establish a work plan for MHNT staff and explain them on follow up of the plan.
  • Do apportionment on work to each staff among the team.
  • Support staff during performing planned services to beneficiaries.
  • Have close follow up and control of staff performances.
  • Conduct internal team meetings if needed, share the key points with PO.
  • In case of absence of a direct team members, manage who will take over the activities. 
  • Capacitate team members in the rules of hygiene, prescriptions and medical supervision.
  • Identify training needs for the staff with proposed capitation methods to line manager. 
  • Provide on the job training/support to MHNT staff both on technical and operational aspects of the services.
  • Carry out appraisal interviews in accordance with HR policy.


Reporting and documentation.

  • Ensure good filing system for MHNT documents and maintain the updating them on timely manner.
  • Crosscheck hard copy of all reporting tools and correct if any mistake before submitting the tools to data entry.
  • Ensure correct data is provided on weekly and on monthly basis (Review the data with data entry before submitting to PO).
  • Support the PO in drafting the monthly and donor reports on monthly basis on when required.
  • Develop success story of the project for donor requirement and submit to line manager.
  • Provide any other information when necessary (movement/security, logistical and HR related) to PO.


Preparedness and Operation of MHNTs:

  • Ensure availability of MHNT required materials and reporting templets and other related document are prepared for MHNT based on the checklist.
  • Before leaving the office ensure all the materials are ready and available (relevant equipment’s, registers, nutritional supplies, medicines…).
  • Ensure that MHNT materials checklist list and stock card it updated on daily basis.
  • Ensure that MHNT staff keep all items in the field very well before and after the field visit.
  • Ensure the staff to clean and prepare all items for use in following day.
  • Ensure staff  updated all reporting tools on daily basis.
  • Ensure staff keep and maintain a good filing system for all documents
  • Ensure staff prepared the reports (Daily, Weekly and monthly) according to the standard reporting tools.
  • Assist line supervisor on performing other duties assigned by the organization.

Skills and competencies required:

  • Good organization, planning and reporting skills are necessary.
  • Ability to manage staff & working environment according to local culture
  • High flexibility in deployment on the selected area,
  • Must be proactive and show initiatives
  • Experience on PSS is plus.
  • Continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate
  • Fluency in local language, Pashto and Dari (spoken & written).
  • Fluency in English language both spoken and written is plus.
  • Communication skills.
  • Reporting skills .
  • Organizational skills.
  • Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with team members, local authorities and community members.
About ARDHO:

Afghanistan Research, Development and Health Organization (ARDHO) is a nongovernmental, non-political, non-for-profit and independent organization developed in 2019 by a group of community development and research specialists and registered with the Ministry of Economy (registration number: 4727). The aim of the organization is to contribute to the development of Afghanistan as an integral part of the international community. It envisages accomplishing its aims by building local capacities, generating evidence in various disciplines, promoting evidence-based best practices, and implementing developmental projects aimed at Community Development at the grass root level.

ARDHO services include planning of humanitarian and development projects, designing feasibility studies, and management of community-based interventions for the development of target communities through best practices. ARDHO considers a multi-sectorial approach to Community Development and hence ensures its services to be offered through an extended range of sectors spanning health, Nutrition, Research, Education, WASH, Food Security and livelihood.  It also tries to ensure that women empowerment, as a key cross-cutting issue, is at the center of Community Development. ARDHO has access to most of the provinces of Afghanistan with greatest acceptance.  The main activities for this project are:

  • Preparedness, coordination and deployment of Nutrition and Health Mobile teams in target provinces. Provision of IMAM services to children under 5 years old and Pregnant and lactating women. Provision of treatment for common illnesses/IMNCI amongst under 5 years boys and girls. Caregivers and PLWs with children U2 receiving Growth monitoring and MIYCN counselling and care practices activities
  • Provision of sexual and reproductive health services including family planning services for women in reproductive age, ANC/PNC consultations for PLW and referral of pregnant women to hospital for safe delivery.

At least three years’ experience as medical doctor specially in IMNCI and pediatric unit or OPD or IPD SAM sites.

Please send your  up-to-date PDF-CV with cover letter before closing date. Interested Afghan Nationals should submit their applications in writing (clearly indicating the position title and Vacancy Announcement Number in the subject line of the email e.g.( Head Team Midical Doctor, ARDHO-HR-2022-005) to:  hr.ardho@gmail.com  

Important Note: any/all application without the mentioned subject line will not be considered.
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