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Job Description

Job Description:ترتیب پلان کاری ماهوار، ربعوار وسالانه در مطابقت به پلان کاری پوهنتون جهت حصول اهداف پلانی.
نظارت از تطبیق معیارهای دوازده گانه ارزیابی خودی در رابطه به ارتقای کیفیت و اعتبار دهی.
نظارت از تطبیق پلان عملیاتی پوهنتون و پلان استراتیژیک وزارت تحصیلات عالی.
تهیه و نظارت از تطبیق اسناد مسیریابی (Tracking Document) در فارمت استندرد که از طرف ریاست ارتقای کیفیت ارسال گردیده در سطح پوهنتون.
تلاش در امر بهبود کیفیت پوهنتون ونظارت از روند ارزیابی خودی.
نظارت و بررسی تمام امور نشراتی و تحقیقاتی علمی در سطح پوهنتون.
نظارت وبررسی امور بهبود کیفیت تدریس.
تهیه و ترتیب اجندای جلسات کمیته اصلی پوهنتون.
تطبیق و تکثیر فیصله های جلسه به پوهنڅی های چهارگانه ودر صورت ضرورت ارسال آن به ریاست ارتقای کیفیت وزارت تحصیلات عالی.
توحید وترتیب گزارشات ارزیابی خودی و گزارشات ارزیابی از کیفیت تدریس و ارسال آن به ریاست ارتقای کیفیت و اعتبار دهی وزارت تحصیلات عالی.
تهیه و تطبیق نوآوری ها و برنامه های جدید که منجر به ارتقای کیفیت میگردد.
تامین ارتباط با سایر بخش های پوهنتون در مورد تطبیق موثر لوایح ارتقای کیفیت و اعتبار دهی.
ارایه مشوره به ریس پوهنتون در امور ایجاد میکانیزم و طرزالعمل های موثر جهت بهبود کیفیت در امورات پوهنتون.
همکاری در تدویر کنفرانس ها، ورکشاپ های آموزشی و سیمنار ها در مورد برنامه های ارتقای کیفیت پوهنتون.
همکاری با تیم بازنگر های ریاست ارتقای کیفیت  در مطابقت به جدول زمان بندی قبلآ ارایه شده.


About Bakhtar University:

Bakhtar University (BU) is one of the Afghanistan’s oldest and most prestigious privately held Universities. Bakhtar University is now recognized as an integral part in Kabul’s growing economic, political and social dynamics.  With an academic focus on Accounting, Business Management, Leadership Development, Engineering, Law, Political Science, Journalism and entrepreneurial studies, BU strives to provide students with a broad general education and necessary knowledge and skills to stimulate their desire for life-long learning. The recent accreditation of BU by International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) is a testimony to the fact that BU strongly believes in quality education, based on research, learning, innovation and technology. BU has a commitment to the next generation of business, political and cultural leaders in the modernization and economic revival of Afghanistan.  BU focuses on building academic linkages and partnerships with regional and international universities, two notable examples of these are MOUs signed for faculty exchange and research collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) India and Ata Turk University of turkey. BU works with government and non-government entities to serve the purposes of local and regional reconstruction, BU has partnerships with USAID, the Asia Foundation and the World Bank, since working together; we have trained over 2000 civil servants from 25 different government entities.  To illustrate our role in economic and social empowerment of women, we became the first private University that started master degree programs in Afghanistan and to enroll and educate women as an integral part of the University’s commitment to diversity and pluralism.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:


Proven experience as a Quality assurance manager.

Familiarity with industry practices and professional standards.
Excellent communication skills
Integrity and professional ethics.

Education and Experience:

At least three year of previous experience in related field required.
Strong quantitative analysis skills
Proactive and goal-orientated by nature
Application of High Ethical Standards: Personal integrity and a sense of ethics to remain independent.

Professional Skills:

Written and oral communication skills in English is required.
Local language skills – Dari and Pashtu
Proficiency in MS Office products including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel is required.

Other Skills and Abilities:

Self-organized. You should naturally get a lot of high quality work done to completion without outside pressure.
Flexible. You need to be able to work in an environment in which there things change rapidly and often, and you need to adapt to new ways of thinking.
Self-aware. You need to be able to see yourself and your own behaviors from the perspective of others – and understand how your behaviors affect those of your peers on your self-organizing team.

Vacancy Number


No. Of Jobs






Years of Experience

3 -5 years of relevant experience in this position




As per the university pay scale

Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline:

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send their CVs along with an application letter and apply via E-mail to hr@bakhtar.edu.af   

Please ensure to write the number of vacancy and position you are applying for, in the subject line of your E-mail address.

Incomplete applications or applications received after closing date will not be given consideration. Candidates who meet the above criteria will be short listed;

Address: Kart-e-Char Opposite to Ministry of Higher Education

Kabul, Afghanistan

Contact#: 0786 35 35 35

Submission Email

Submission Email


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