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Helmand, Afghanistan
Action Against Hunger

Major Responsibilities

Objective 1: Supervise the admissions of patients in the centre:

  • Identify patients in a critical state of health ;
  • Give sweetened water to all the patients upon arrival whatever their state of health. ;
  • Take anthropometric measurements of the patients and check for oedema. Admit those presenting at least one of the admission criteria ;
  • Receive the patients admitted, together with those accompanying them, and give them information on how the centre functions ;
  • Note down the patient’s name in the registry ;
  • Check if the patient has been vaccinated against measles and if he has a vaccination card;
  • Put on the identity bracelet ;
  • Fill in a nutritional follow-up card and give it to the patient.

Objective 2: Ensure the anthropometric follow-up of the patients

Patients present in the centre:

  • Check on oedema and take the anthropometric measurements of the patients, measure their MUAC and height ;
  • Detect anomalies in the measurements and correct them immediately ;
  • Up-date the registry and the patient’s individual card ;
  • Check that the anthropometric material is in good working order.

Patients at home:

  • Check the height, the weight, the MUAC and the presence of oedema ;
  • In case of a medical problem, refer the patient to the closest care centre to the home ;
  • In case of loss of weight, the patient should be re-admitted to the centre.

Objective 3: Discharge the patients:

  • Check that all the procedures have been followed ;
  • Update all the discharges in the registry and the follow-up book ;
  • Give the patient or the person accompanying him the treatment card, a food ration, and an appointment for the follow-up ;
  • Remove the identity bracelet.

Objective 4: Set up health education sessions:

  • Let the patients and those who accompany them participate in health education sessions and adapt these according to the reasons for the transfer. ;
  • Train new colleagues in how to carry out anthropometric measurements.

Objective 5: Develop the statistics:

  • Develop daily and monthly statistics of the centre.

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